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Much has changed in the jewelry field since Gleim the Jeweler opened over eighty years ago. But our commitment to service, technology, training and integrity has remained consistent.   

Accredited Gemological Laboratories

Gleim the Jeweler maintains American Gem Society accredited laboratories at each of our locations to offer our customers the most complete jewelry identification and appraisal services possible. Our laboratories are staffed by AGS Certified Gemologists and Certified Gemologist Appraisers who are examined annually by the Society on new developments in the fields of gemology and appraising.

The AGS Accredited Gem Laboratory

In order for our laboratory to be accredited by the American Gem Society, the following requirements must be met:

  • Our firm must have at least one AGS Certified Gemologist on staff.
  • Our lab must contain a well-stocked library of gemological reference books.
  • Our lab must be equipped with at least the following gem testing equipment:
    • A refractometer, a polariscope, and a dichroscope, each of which is used to show and/or measure different optical properties resulting from the interaction between gemstones and light.
    • Gem scales capable of weighing to 1/100 carat, equipped for accurate determination of specific gravity.
    • A binocular microscope with dark-field illumination which is capable of magnifying a gemstone to at least 30 times its size.
    • An adequate light unit for use in diamond grading.
    • At least five AGS Master Diamonds used for comparison in grading diamond color.
    • A source of ultraviolet light for measuring fluorescence.
    • A device for accurate measurement to 1/10 millimeter.
    • An acceptable device for analyzing a diamond's proportions.

Accredited Lab Certificat

Expert Staff

The family of men and women who work at Gleims takes great personal pride in their knowledge, experience, and special training. As members of the American Gem Society (AGS) for over forty years, we hold the highest educational qualifications available in the jewelry industry. The AGS is dedicated to promoting professional knowledge, high ethical standards, and consumer protection. Every member of our staff is encouraged to pursue professional education. Gleim's Registered Jewelers, Certified Gemologists, and Certified Gemologist Appraisers earned their titles through rigorous independent testing and certification by the AGS, and must be re-certified each year to maintain their titles.

President and Owner, Georgie Gleim

American Gem Society
President, 1993-1995
Winner, Robert M. Shipley Award, 1999

Jewelers of America
Executive Committee, 2005-2009


  • Winner, Athena Award, Palo Altos Chamber of Commerce, 2007
  • Past President, Palo Alto University Rotary Club
  • Past President, Peninsula Executives Association
  • Past Chair of Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Member, The Private Bank of the Peninsula
  • Board Member, Palo Alto Historical Association
  • Board Member, Los Altos Chamber of Commerce

Founder, Arthur Gleim

American Gem Society
President, 1973-1975
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Winner, Robert M. Shipley Award, 1981

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
Chairman, Board of Governors

Jewelers of America

President, PTA
Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce
Palo Alto Rotary


At Gleims we not only talk about the Golden Rule…we try to live it!

In 1958 Arthur Gleim wrote the following letter to our customers. Its sentiment and values still apply today.

Dear Friends,

Ever look through the family album on a Sunday afternoon?

We did it in the Gleim family the other day. Came across some pictures of our first store in Palo Alto in 1931. Then our move to larger quarters. And finally to our expansion into three stores.

We also came across a little item we published in 1947 - "Our Code of Ethics." It was a rather simple statement. Seven points. But summed up, it really said we hoped to run our business by the Golden Rule. We got to thinking that, despite all the physical changes, our code hasn't changed and perhaps the ever widening reputation we have enjoyed bears a direct relation to that fact.

Your continued patronage has brought us a success we never dreamed of in 1931. Yet we're still a family business. We think there's still a place for the kind of personal integrity and personal responsibility that's possible in a family business. We suspect you share this feeling.

We expect to see more new developments - new store designs, new display methods, new and better aids to diamond testing. To the extent that they represent real progress, we expect to change with the times so that we can give you the best of service. At the same time we pledge that we'll abide by the creed that we turned up in our album from 1947. As we look back it seems more important to our satisfaction - and yours, than any other factor in our business.

Sincerely yours, Arthur Gleim


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