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With the advent of fall, thoughts begin to turn to the holiday season. (Already?? Yes!) And that means thoughts turn to gifts and gift giving. Whatever the economy might be, jewelry is often a choice that crosses people's minds.

What is it about jewelry that makes it such a good gift? Most important is the fact that every piece of jewelry tells a story. That story might be simple, like a declaration of love. It might represent a goal achieved: a graduation, a new job, a new citizenship. It can literally tell a story. Have you ever looked at someone's charm bracelet? A friend has a charm bracelet which is a true life story. Among the many charms are a baby shoe, for their youngest child; an Augusta golf logo, representing the time they were able to attend; a motor home, so they can recall the unforgettable time their RV caught on fire at the start of their vacation; and the newest, a parachute, representing her leap from a plane for her fiftieth birthday.

Custom jewelry can tell very personal stories. Perhaps you have a diamond inherited from your grandmother, who was very dear to you. It can be reset into a ring or pendant whose style works for you. Wouldn't she be happier knowing that you were wearing her diamond every day instead of leaving it in the safe deposit box?

Meaningful jewelry need not be expensive. It can be as simple as a fresh water pearl necklace, for less than $300. We recently sold one which marks the start of a new career for a colleague. Every time she wears it, she will remember her friends at her old job who gave it to her, and will remember the start of a new adventure.

An important feature about jewelry is the fact that, with proper care, it can last for many many years, and can even be passed down to future generations. How many other gifts can do this? And every time the recipient looks at the piece she will think of who gave it to her, where and how it was presented, and what the occasion was. Jewelry truly is a personal gift which tells personal stories.


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Pandora October Promotion
Sparkling for the holiday season
There's value in that gold, but be careful
Arrived This Week
Opal & Tourmaline; Birthstones for October

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Pandora October Promotion
Pandora jewelry ad

Free Gift with Purchase For the Month of October

Receive a free PANDORA pink leather travel box (a $40 US retail value) with your purchase of $125 or more of PANDORA jewelry.*

*Good while supplies last, limit one per customer.


Sparkling For The Holiday Season
RingsHave you had the gems in your rings inspected lately? Chances are it's the kind of thing that slips off the bottom of your list.

Now might be a good time to stop by our store to have your stones checked, and let us clean them for you. It just takes a few minutes, and we can let you know whether the settings are secure and safe.

This way, if any repair work is needed, it can be completed well before the holiday season.
There's Value in That Gold, But be Careful
Old gold pictureBy now we have all been inundated with ads from all sorts of companies saying they buy gold. We buy gold as well; in addition to purchasing it outright, we take it on trade against new pieces or repair work. Or, if you know you'll want something in the future but don't know what, we're happy to just leave it as a store credit. It doesn't do you any good just sitting in the drawer. Whether you bring it in here, or to another local, independently owned jewelry store, you are always better off dealing with someone face to face. And please don't send it off to the firms who advertise on late-night TV! There are far too many risks involved there.
Arrived This Week

  Antique necklace


This silver and gold Victorian diamond and pearl necklace is brand-new to our estate department, just arriving this week. This beautiful piece can be worn either as a pendant or a brooch; the yellow gold pinstem fitting to the right screws on to the back, and the chain can be removed. Many older pieces of jewelry had this ability to be adapted to more than one use, giving the wearer more versatility in her wardrobe. Just imagine what parties this necklace has been to, or upon what happy occasion it was first presented. What stories it could tell! 

Opal & Tourmaline; Birthstones For October

Opal jewelry picture


Opal is the only gemstone which has every color in a single stone. This beautiful gem, whose most important current source is Australia, is always changing as it moves in the light. Known since ancient times, opal has always been treasured. It has symbolized hope, purity and love, and has often said to render its wearer invisible when necessary; it also has been credited with curing diseases of the eye.


Opal gained the unfortunate myth of bringing bad luck to the wearer in the 19th century. This stemmed from a novel written by Sir Walter Scott, in which the heroine, an opal lover, died tragically. This myth actually depressed the opal market for many years, and even persists to this day. However, some opal lovers say that the only bad luck associated with an opal is if you are not lucky enough to own one!


Opals are a bit more fragile than most gems, but can certainly be worn on a daily basis if you keep that in mind. Over time, the surface of your opal may show fine scratches, losing its luster. These can normally be polished out, restoring your gem to its original fire.
Stop by to see some of our beautiful opals!



Tourmaline jewelry picture 
Tourmaline is an alternate birthstone for October.  Tourmaline is another rainbow gem, with nearly every color represented; one ancient legend explains this by saying that a tourmaline traveled along a rainbow, gathering all its colors.  Tourmaline can even have more than one color in a single gem, with "watermelon tourmalines" showing a pink interior and green outer rim. 


Tourmaline is said to calm the nerves, soothe sleep, and dispel fear, negativity and grief. It is said to increase creativity and enhance fertility.  It is found in many places around the world, even California, which has still-producing tourmaline mines in the southern part of the state. 


Tourmaline is a wonderful gem for those who love color. 

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