Dress up your Halloween with some sparkle from our online estate jewelry store...
No zombie bride's ensemble is complete without the perfect pearls!

On Halloween, it's fine to overdo the diamonds if you dress as a disco ball.

This unique emerald and diamond ring sings a siren song perfect for a mermaid princess costume.

Flip your wig for our selection of retro bling to inspire a spiffy party dame's outfit - it'll be a gas!

Your runaway bride costume's gonna need an engagement ring!

I dream of genies! I dream of emeralds and rubies too!

Two costumes in one pin (Stanford fan or fancy axe murderer!)

Any time you dress up as a Shark's fan, this gold pendant's a sure goal.
Dress(age) up as a Derby Darling, if you love horses, mint juleps, and big fabulous hats.
Steampunker? History-buff? Ambitious costumer? Find inspiration in the age of Victoria.

Be sure to stop by on the 31st – we'll have treats, and maybe Rosie the Shop Dog will have learned a trick by then! Have a fabulous, and safe, Halloween!
Reminder that custom jewelry design (or redesign of that unworn heirloom piece) can take time, so bring in your ideas soon if you want them ready for holiday gifting!

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