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Christian Bauer Wedding and Engagement Rings


Christian Bauer is a German company located in Welzheim, specialising in the production of wedding rings for the premium market sector.

The brand offers its customers an attractive product line including engagement and wedding rings made of high quality materials like gold and platinum, as well as carefully chosen diamonds. Every ring is unique and manufactured with high precision and exploiting years of goldsmith’s experience. High quality and a special comfort fit are the result of the Christian Bauer’s goldsmith’s art.

Christian Bauer is an innovative and modern company simultaneously rich in tradition and with a historically-based brand name. They are committed to developing distinctive and contemporary products. Our company philosophy centres on the creation of true values.

Christian Bauer offers a wide range of individual, contemporary and elegant wedding rings. Engagement and jewellery rings complete the product line. The focus is upon highest quality and impressive design. Timeless elegance and innovative product technology characterize the brand Christian Bauer.

Christian Bauer stands for a stylish and modern lifestyle. The products embody aesthetic excellence. The passion for quality and for beautiful things is what links Christian Bauer and its customers.

Christian Bauer Engagement Ring

Christian Bauer Engagement Ring