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Jewelry Collection: Buccellati


The Italian firm of Buccellati is famous for textural gold jewelry and exquisite silver objects. The pieces are bold and instantly recognizable, with a style that references the great goldsmiths of the Renaissance. The most distinctive aspect of Buccellati pieces is the rich textural quality; Mario Buccellati was the first to introduce the technique of texture-engraving. Pieces are created to look and feel like silk, damask, tulle, lace, or linen.

Although Mario had been the driving force behind the early success of the company, it was his eldest son Gianmaria who, after joining the company as a fifteen year old designer in 1944 set the company onto a period of massive expansion and true global recognition. The traditions of the Buccellati designs – big, colorful and bold – were expanded upon together with the ongoing refusal to be drawn into fashions and trends, instead preferring to design from the heart.

As Gianmaria explained, "The Buccellati concept focuses on beauty, art, class and the traditions of the past. Our jewels are entirely hand-made, with love, patience, and time by the best craftsmen in Italy. Our philosophy has never changed and never will; it represents the essence of our work."

Buccellati Fine Gold Jewelry

Fine gold leaves
with "ornato" decoration.