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Custom Personalized Engagement Rings

One of Our Specialties

Maybe you have a family heirloom that is unworn due to its dated style. Or a gem from a damaged item you wish to re-imagine in a new setting. Or possibly, you've dreamed of a particular jewelry item, but have not found it off the shelf. This is where our team of designers steps in.

We are especially fortunate to have Vittoria d’Aste-Surcouf, a trained designer and bench jeweler, onsite at our Stanford Shopping Center location every Thursday.

Custom Tourmaline Earrings

Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings

Unique earrings custom made with watermelon tourmaline slices. Tourmaline occurs in many different colors, sometimes two colors in a single crystal. You can see where watermelon tourmaline gets its name; it looks just like a slice of the summer favorite. Our jeweler created some beautiful earrings from this fascinating gemstone.

Custom Diamond Heart Pendant

Anniversary Diamond Necklace

This is a beautiful diamond necklace made to commemorate a fiftieth anniversary. The center diamond symbolizes the anniversary couple, while the 22 smaller diamonds symbolize the couple’s children and families. The idea for this necklace came to our client “in a dream,” and our jeweler did a beautiful job of translating her dream to reality. It’s always an honor to make such a special piece of jewelry.

Custom Champion Ring Charm Bracelet

Championship Charm Bracelet

One of our clients is married to a member of the Stanford swim team coaching staff. This team has enjoyed great success, and each time members of the team and coaching staff receive championship rings, she has received a matching pendant or pin. We adapted all of these so they could be worn on a charm bracelet, making a unique bracelet that can tell a remarkable story. Go, Stanford!

Custom Family Crest Rings

Custom Family Crest Rings

Did you know you can have your family crest carved in stone? Our client brought in a wax image of a family crest so we could make two rings using this image. The lapis lazuli and the carnelian stones were carved in Idar Oberstein, Germany, and the rings were completed by one of our country's premier manufacturers of men's jewelry. These are truly heirloom quality rings, meant to be handed down from generation to generation.

Custom Aquamarine Pendant

Aquamarine Pendant

Not every custom design is elaborate or fanciful. This is an aquamarine which belonged to the owner’s grandmother and was then passed down to her mother, so it clearly carries family memories and sentiment. She wanted to have it set in a pendant, and my colleague Brenda suggested this simple yet elegant combination of a round and a marquise diamond. Now, every day, she can carry the presence of her grandmother with her.

Custom Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite Ring

Our client brought a beautiful Tanzanite back from a trip to Africa. He made a wonderful selection, finding a stone with brightness, depth of color, and beautiful proportions. Our custom jeweler made some sketches based on our client's input, and here is the final result. What a way to mark a memorable trip!

Re-purposed Engagement Ring

Reworked Engagement Ring

Sometimes our jewelry wardrobes change over the years as our tastes change. This client loved the style of her engagement ring, but found that most of her jewelry was now in platinum or white gold rather than yellow gold. We duplicated her original setting, in platinum, resetting all of her original diamonds. She now has a new look to her sentimental favorite.

Custom Ring

Custom Diamond and Gold Ring

Our client had her old engagement ring and her mother's engagement ring, as well as a few other diamonds from other pieces. She wanted to combine her diamond and her mother's in a single ring. We found a new setting which worked well on her hand, and our jeweler set her diamonds according to her design. She now has a beautiful, contemporary ring which has great sentimental value as well.

Custom Fleur-de-lys Pendant

Custom white and rose gold fleur-de-lys pendant

This is a beautiful white and rose gold pendant made by our custom jeweler for a client who loves the fleur-de-lys motif. Our jeweler scattered some diamonds in the white gold, and contrasted the soft finish of the white gold to the bright textured polish of the rose gold. This is a unique pendant which makes its owner happy every time she wears it.

Custom Sapphire Diamond Ring

Beautiful platinum diamond and sapphire ring

Our client had a very lovely sapphire which she wanted to make even more special. Our jeweler made this micropave and baguette setting, enhancing the brightness of the sapphire and thrilling our client.

Custom Cufflinks and Shirt Studs

Custom cufflink and shirt-stud set

Custom cufflink and shirt-stud set to commemorate a fabulous trip to South Africa. These are made from clear quartz cabochons, carved and hand-painted on the back. The crystals are then applied to a mother-of-pearl background. This painstaking work is done in Idar Oberstein, Germany.

Custom Portrait Cameo

Custom-made portrait cameo

Custom-made portrait cameo of a beloved dog. This cameo was carved out of agate, in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, using the photo as a model.

Custom Lavender Sapphire Ring

Erin's custom, lavender sapphire ring

Custom-made wedding set using lavender sapphires and diamonds. The wedding band slips into the center of the engagement ring.

Custom Abalone Pendant

Abalone Necklace

This is a recent project which has become one of my favorites. A client brought in a small piece of abalone shell, found on the beach by her sharp-eyed daughter. There is a perfect little heart standing out in the iridescence, and she asked us to make it into a necklace for her daughter. It’s now something she can wear every day, as a reminder of a day spent together at the beach as well as the bond between mother and daughter. Even the simplest piece of jewelry has a story connected to it!

Custom Gold Pendant

Custom Diamond and Yellow Gold Pendant

Our client had inherited two platinum and diamond rings, neither of which was a style she would be wearing. She asked to have a pendant designed; here you see the initial sketches to give her some ideas, the rings from which we took her diamonds, and the final product, a beautiful, very wearable diamond pendant. Now she can wear and enjoy the diamonds she was given.

Custom Platinum Diamond Ring

Custom platinum and diamond setting

Our custom jeweler made a beautiful platinum and diamond setting for this extraordinary cabochon-cut sapphire. See how it takes form from sketch to finished piece.

Re-purposed Earring

Custom Earrings from Ring

Look at this beautiful pair of earrings our goldsmith just created from our client's old ring setting. The original ring was set with tapered baguette shaped diamonds; once the larger center diamond was removed, she decided to make something from the baguettes. Our goldsmith made her a pair of hoop earrings, carefully setting her diamonds into a channel, lining them up so carefully that they fit perfectly. These are tailored enough for everyday wear, and give her a wonderful way to enjoy her diamonds.

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