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The Peninsula's First Choice

Have you ever tried shopping for a diamond? If so, you may have found yourself quite confused, floating in a sea of numbers and letters, acronyms and industry specific terms, wondering just how you can make a decision. Not only that, if you are looking for a diamond to be presented to the one you hope will be your lifetime partner, very often the first diamond purchase is made during a time of great emotion. And then you have your friends all telling you what you should look for, quoting diamond grades that might as well be written in hieroglyphics. How can you possibly sort through all of this to make the decision right for you?

Heres one answer: give Gleim the Jeweler a try. Not only will we be able to help clarify the questions that have arisen during your research, wewill also take the single most important step in your purchase decision: we will show you diamonds! We wont just expect you to look at charts and learn to recite grades. No, we will show you diamonds. After all your research into grades and qualities, we will let you see how those grades actually affect the day-to-day beauty of the diamond. We will let you compare diamonds side by side, so you can learn to differentiate those qualities. We will let you examine your diamond under a microscope so you learn all you can about it. We can give you all the technical information you want with all the laboratory reports you might wish. But in the end, its the diamond which will be worn and admired, not the lab report. Our role is to make sure you have the basic information on diamond grading, and then to allow you to see how those grade affect the beauty and the price of the individual gem so you can make the decision you are most comfortable with, not the decision we want you to make.

You are making one of the most significant purchases of your life. We want to help you celebrate that.

Diamond RingsPurchasing a Diamond

At Gleim's, we believe the entire process of buying a diamond should be a special occasion. That's why, from the moment you walk in the door, we work very hard to make you feel comfortable and to ensure that you select a diamond you're completely happy with and proud to own.

Diamonds are the rarest, hardest, most valuable gems in the world. No other gem is as able to maintain its beauty and remain as unmarked by a lifetime of wear. A diamond must be properly graded, represented, and priced to be worthy of purchase.

The Four C's

The cut is the only factor that can be controlled by human hands. The qualities of a diamond in the rough can be brought out by the work of an expert diamond cutter, whose artistry unlocks the gem's brilliance and lets it sparkle.

The beauty of a cut diamond lies in its ability to refract light and disperse color. The "ideal cut" diamond describes a round brilliant diamond that has been cut to precise proportions calculated to produce the maximum fire and symmetry. It is a very rare diamond that adheres to these rigorous standards.

Diamond Color Chart Color
With diamonds, even the smallest variation in color can make a big difference. Generally, the closer a diamond comes to being absolutely colorless, the more valuable it is. The presence of color ranges from barely discernible - in the rarer, near colorless diamonds - to varying tinges of light yellow and brown.

Diamond Clarity Chart Clarity
Almost all diamonds contain naturally-
occurring marks called inclusions. The size, nature, location, and number of inclusions determine a diamond's clarity grade and affect its value. Two tools are used for judging a diamond's clarity: magnification under a gem microscope and the trained human eye.

Carat Weight
Diamond weight is measured in carats. There are 142 carats to an ounce. A carat can be divided into 100 equal parts called points, so a 50-point diamond is one-half of a carat. Because large diamonds are very rare, value increases geometrically in proportion to weight. Therefore a diamond that is twice the size of another of similar quality will be worth four to five times as much.

It's important to remember that weight isn't everything. The value of two diamonds of the same weight can vary greatly depending on the color, clarity, and cut. Customers who are flexible in terms of size may get a more pleasing diamond.

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